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The coaching Body Awakening will allow you to develop the connection between the body and the spirit while taking into account your personality and your environment. Playful activities will help you become aware of your body, and sensorial, emotional and relational capacities to go towards greater well-being, and favour or restore harmony.

Based on a holistic vision of the human being we take into account the dimensions:

Biological (physical, physiological)
Psychological (mental, emotional)
Social (family, cultural, spiritual)
The unity of body and mind

The goals :

  • To find the pleasure of movement, to accept your body, to be yourself.
  • To learn to express desires, and feelings and to connect with others and with the world.
  • To be conscious of space and time, to be aware of your gesture.
  • To help you to transform the representations, to become aware of your internal conflicts.
  • To restore self-confidence and confidence in others, and to regain the joy of living.

The Program :

  • Relaxation methods
  • Massage and energy therapies
  • Yoga and conscious body exercise
  • Muscle-strengthening
  • Elements connection: the water, the sky, and the earth
  • Tips for healthy nutrition

For whom:

Coaching is for every person who needs support in difficult times, to recover from fatigue, from various confusions or disorders (stress, anxiety, insomnia, body image…), in moments of questioning, a transition of life or all simply for personal fulfilment.

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