An exploration of physical and energetic dimensions. A method that allows he development of our perception, our field of strength, and our energetic dimensions and raises our frequency.

It is the path of non-duality that cultivates non-opposition, and non-violence, seeking harmony and balance in all areas. This philosophy is based on the tradition of TAO, the balance of Yin and Yang.

This method is aimed at anyone who is concerned about her/his physical, energetic, mental and emotional balance and at anyone who is looking for meaning and evolution for the well-being of all.

Because of the constant increase of the demands of modern life, we are faced with daily personal and professional stress. We must learn to manage exaggerated nervous stimuli and deep fatigue that has become chronic and even normal for some. These states that are draining our vitality often are leading to exhaustion.

How to optimize our health and balance? By working with the «Qi» the vital energy at the basis of any life form. In those classes or individual sessions, we learn/practice breathing, visualization, concentration, movements, and grounding for regenerative, energizing and protective purposes.  

This method helps to:

  • Boost your energy
  • Release tension and fatigue
  • Being present and focused
  • Protect our energy centers
  • Explore dimensions of Feeling and listen to our inner perceptions to be guided more by our intuition
  • Maintain desire and strength to move forward
  • To be at peace and to flourish in our different areas of expression and relationships.

*Price list:  workshops/classes please look directly with our partners

« Expend, let go, suspend the tic tac of illusory time, that at the moment of a conscious reading we can become the masters of our systems again » – Alexandre Homé